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The Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry in Australia is dominated by a handful of large financial groups that operate within a company group.

Typically within these company groups one company typically manufactures investment, insurance and administration products which are then sold by advisers employed by another company within the group to consumers.   

Most financial advisers in Australia operate within this environment.

At Private Capital Advisers we believe that this model should be reversed, so that:

  • It is the clients who seek to engage the services of an adviser
  • This adviser is engaged to deliver financial advice that is tailored to the client, without being restricted to only recommending products that are manufactured by the Advisers employer.

The distinction between our approach and that of the majority of the industry can be best illustrated as follows:

Our Approach

Private Capital Advisers aims to provide clients with:

  • Greater control over their financial situation
  • A higher probability of achieving their goals
  • Peace of mind that they are not making poor financial decisions

To achieve this we:

  • Believe that financial freedom is achieved by truly understanding your cashflow and asset position and how these impact on your lifestyle goals.
  • Are focused on providing genuine financial advice to clients, not just selling a particular product.
  • Deliver tailored, personal services for a transparent fee.
  • Hold our own Australian Financial Services License.  
  • Invest in market leading investment research and technological support.

Our Fees

  • At our first meeting we work with you to understand the areas where we could assist.
  • If together we determine that advice is required we will let you know in advance our fee for preparing a detailed financial plan.
  • After we have completed this initial advice we will outline if any of our ongoing services are appropriate for your situation. The associated costs will be clearly disclosed for you.
  • Private Capital Advisers is completely transparent about fees and costs. We ensure that for each particular service you know exactly what you are paying and to whom.